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Terms and conditons applied.

Kindly take note that we are revising our Paypal minimum payout requirements from USD200 to USD500 effective from Mar 1, 2016.


  • Gain total pricing control

    You have absolute control over pricing for all your images on IRIS

  • Copyright of images is yours

    Your submitted images will always belong to you. The copyright of these images are solely yours.

  • Sign a non-exclusive contract

    You will not be bonded exclusively to IRIS. Contributing to other sides (excluding microstock) will be permissible within circumstances.

  • Review your sales transactions & collections

    Keep your sales transactions in check at all times by reviewing and monitoring your earnings regularly.

  • Choose the frequency for your commission payout

    You shall decide if the minimum payment limit determined should be made monthly or otherwise.

  • Dedicated & user-friendly website that does it all

    You can count on the simplicity of our interactive website to upload and manage your images effortlessly.