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Inmagine RF Image Submissions (IRIS) FAQ

Registration & General

  1. How do I register as a contributor/photographer?
    Kindly register and create an account at the Registration Page and fill up your details accordingly. Do provide a photo ID with your photo, full name, address and date of birth. Next, send us 5 of your best works for initial review and agree to the Photo Contributor Agreement. We will take 5 working days to evaluate your application within which we will inform the results to you via email.
  2. When am I considered an approved contributing photographer at Inmagine?
    You are officially an Inmagine contributor once you have uploaded a valid form of ID documentation and have passed the initial 5 images which you've submitted. Once your application has been approved, you may upload more images.
  3. What's the royalty structure at Inmagine?
    We treat Contributors as equal partners. As such, we will share up to 50% nett revenue collected from every sale with you.
  4. I just registered as a photographer. What should I do next?
    Do wait 5 working days for a confirmation of acceptance from our Content Acquisitions staff. We will definitely be in touch. Once you receive approval from us, you may log into the submissions area and start uploading more images for inclusion into your online portfolio.
  5. Why does it take so long to review my images?
    Submissions have to go through a two level screening process and there may be just too many to go through at one time. Kindly be patient. If you do not hear from us within 5 working days, please get in touch with us via email: and we'll conduct a thorough check for you.


  1. What are your contributor submission terms and conditions?
    Please refer to our Contributor Agreement here:
  2. What image format does Inmagine accept?
    • Stock photos:
      1. Maximum file size for each JPG image is 8 MB per image.
      2. Please upload JPG versions only – TIFF and RAW files are not required.
      3. Please upload images above 8 MegaPixels shot with digital SLR or digital backs.
      4. For scanned images, please ensure images are more than 30MB uncompressed.
      5. Please save as Adobe RGB profile.
    • Illustrations:
      1. We're not accepting illustrations for the time being.
  3. What happens if I submit images which do not fulfill any one of the requirements given?
    The images will be rejected accordingly with a given reason which you can view in your 'Rejected Images' under the 'My Images' section.
  4. What kind of images are preferred by Inmagine?
    Stock oriented images with high commercial values. A comprehensive guide of images that we are looking for can be found here.
  5. Are editorial images accepted?
    No, at the current moment we do not accept editorial images (without release). However, there are plans to accept Editorial Images soon. Please look out for our IRIS Contributor Newsletter for the announcement.
  6. Can scanned pictures be uploaded?
    Yes if the slides/negatives (preferable 120mm) are scanned with a high quality drum or flat bed scanner. Please ensure the scanned file is bigger than 30Mb (uncompressed size) and in RGB format.
  7. Does Inmagine accept illustrations?
    No, we do not accept illustrations for now.
  8. What about properties, landmarks and logos?
    An image of a property/landmark/logo may require a signed property release if it is to be used for commercial purposes.
    For example a picture of an identifiable house would require a signed release from the owner. If in doubt, remove all identifiable logos and trademarks from your images if you plan on selling them for commercial purposes. However, please be careful when submitting images with buildings that have patented some technology or design. An image with Eiffel Tower in the morning can be used for stock purposes but the same image at night with the lights on are trademarked and may not be sold as the design of lighting is copyrighted.
  9. Do I retain the right to use the photos or do I hand over the complete rights of my pictures to Inmagine?
    The copyright to the images belong to the photographer. We are merely licensing them for you.
  10. I have photos on the other stock sites, can I upload them to your site too?
    Photos are submitted on a non-exclusive basis. You may submit and continue to sell your photos to other websites and stock photo agencies. However, do take note that under the Inmagine Contributor Agreement, you should not license your photos at a lower price elsewhere.
  11. How many images can I submit at a time?
    There's no limit to the amount of images that you can submit at one time once your Contributor account has been approved.
  12. How do I know if an image has been approved or rejected?
    You will receive a notification via e-mail after each review (if you enabled the "Notify me whenever my images are reviewed" under 'My Profile'), or log in to see your 'Upload History'.
  13. What happens to my rejected uploads?
    Rejected images will remain in your 'Rejected Images' folder until you delete them. The system will automatically delete rejected images after 30 days.
  14. I just uploaded some images, but I can't find them on the site!
    Approved images go through a batching process before they are made available in a search. The batching process runs every week.
  15. How long does it normally take from the time I submit my images until they are available to buy?
    Our reviewers will be able to review all submissions usually within 5 working days. Thereafter, once an image has been approved it would be added to your online portfolio in less than a week after acceptance.
  16. How can I get my images removed from my portfolio?
    Sign in to your Contributor account, go to 'My Images' and click on the relevant tab. You may delete images in the 'Pending Queue' or 'Rejected Images' section immediately. However, for Accepted Images, Inmagine reserves the right to continue licensing your images for a period of no more than 90 days after the deletion request is made.
  17. How long will the initial review process take?
    Please allow 5 working days for the initial review. Do remember to complete the registration process and send us your ID for verification. If your initial review has taken longer than 5 working days to process, please email: and we'll conduct a check on your account.
  18. How do I set prices to my images?
    You may set the pricing by accessing Step 4: Manage Pricing Packages. Click on the “Attach images to packages” button to begin selecting images for the appropriate price package. A set of recommended prices have been set by default. These prices are set based on industry pricing averages.
  19. Can I submit my work via DVDs?
    We highly recommend sending in your work via the online submission site. This is not only faster but also ensures faster review times by our review team. For the moment, we will not accept work via DVD.
  20. I wish to be exclusive to Inmagine. Can I make a special arrangement?
    Yes, you may. Please contact us for any exclusive arrangements. Please email


  1. Any guidelines which I need to consider when I keyword and describe images?
    Captions, Descriptions and Keywords are to be in ENGLISH only. Separate multiple keywords with commas (,) followed by spaces. Please refrain from spamming the keywords list or your submissions will be rejected.
    A complete keywording guide can be found here ( We recommend that you read and abide by the keywording guide for best search results.
  2. How can I edit keywords of images that I have submitted?
    You may continue to edit keywords of pending images that you have not sent for review. Keywords of images that have been accepted may not be edited. It is recommended to be a little more meticulous when filling in the captions, keywords and descriptions to avoid any errors.
  3. Does Inmagine support categories? How do I choose categories for my Images?
    There is no need to choose categories for your images. We will use advanced searching techniques to search for category search. As long as you keyword your images appropriately, they should show up when a category based search is performed.
  4. Why must I provide keywords in English only? Should I add keywords in my native language as well?
    Inmagine's system will auto-translate searches made in Italian / German / French / Chinese / Spanish to its English equivalent and retrieve the relevant results. There is no need for you to expand additional effort to insert keywords of a language other than English.

Property and Model Releases

  1. What is a release?
    A model/property release is a written agreement between the model/property owner and the photographer whereby the model/owner gives his/her permission to the photographer to use the photographs commercially in perpetuity (meaning for all time). Releases permit the use of the image(s) for all stock related purposes, or may contain exceptions for certain usages only.
  2. Where can I obtain model/property release forms? Do you provide any that I can use?
    Once you have created a contributor account with us, you may proceed to download our generic Model and Property Releases from the 'Manage Releases' section.
  3. How do I submit a completed model/property release form together with my image?
    To upload a release(s), create a single JPG or PDF file containing the documents for all persons within your image. Upload it to the release folder in your account and attach the model or property release to all related images.
  4. How do I get a release for a deceased model?
    The next of kin or a close relative may sign the release on their behalf if an image is to be used commercially.
  5. The image I submit has myself in it. Do I need a model release?
    Yes, all models are required to sign a proper release if the images are to be sold for commercial purposes.


  1. My account has surpassed the minimum payout limit. How do I request for payment?
    No request is necessary. if you are eligible, your will be paid according to the payment method you have specified in your profile. Please note that we only pay on sales that we have collected payments for.
    Payments are processed and finalized by the 3rd working day of every month. You should receive payments in 2 weeks time for Paypal.
    Please note that there might be transaction charges incurred to you when we execute certain payment options.
  2. What forms of payment does Inmagine offer?
    Payments are sent out via wire transfer, PayPal.
  3. How do I specify my preferred payment method?
    You may edit the payment information under the My Account section (Payment Preferences).
    Please ensure that all payment details are accurate and correct.
    Inmagine will not be held responsible should payments not reach you due to incorrect / insufficient payment information.
    Any costs incurred due to incorrect / insufficient payment information will be wholly borne by the contributor.
  4. Are there any charges to look out for?
    Payments made via wire transfer will be subject to bank charges of USD 34.00, depending on the payment currency.
  5. Who do I contact if I have further questions?
    Please email us at and we will attend to all your questions.